StreamStats V5.06 Batch Processing Tool

This tool produces output files in either shapefile, personal geodatabase, or file geodatabase format that contain the delineated basins, basin characteristics, and flow statistics for multiple sites requested by user. Before this tool can be used, the the points of interest will likely need to be edited in GIS so that they are coincident with the stream grid used by StreamStats for delineations and saved to a shapefile. Click here to select and download the stream grid for your area of interest. The number of points in the shapefile generally should not exceed 200. Insert the filenames for the shapefile of snapped points of interest below. The batch process will delineate the drainage areas and if checked, will compute basin characteristics, and/or estimate flow statistics by use of regression equations for the selected points. You will need to check to determine job status.

New: Only first 250 points will be calculated if larger data sets are submitted

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